A Day In My Life - May

Hey, there, everyone! May is almost over and that means spring in here - at least in our area. I know, Memorial Day is the beginning of summer for a lot of you (including me...I don't pay attention to the calendar, Memorial Day through Labor Day = Summer ... in my opinion)...but here it still feels like spring. The temperatures are still in the upper 30s or 40s at night, and we might hit 70 during the day but that is about our limit.

On May 4, when these pictures were taken, we went to a local wildlife area to hike. It was beautiful, light jacket weather and did we see things! We fed a few squirrels, watched the turtles, geese and sea gulls and even caught some spring color.

As you guys know, this monthly column is something I'm doing with a group of new (and old) friends. Each month we set aside a day to photograph our lives...you can follow along with all of us by clicking over to Jessie's Purple House Cafe and then following the links in each post.

What is spring like where you are?

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