Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Day In The Life - June

Road Trip!
I'm a little late today - I blame my vacation brain (my mommy has been visiting for a week, it's bebe's birthday, I'm revising a manuscript that is due on my editor's desk in, ohh...*tries not to panic*...you get the picture). But I am back with another day in the life - this time for June; I didn't take these pictures on June 4 (don't tell my blog circle!) because we had a special day planned for Father's Day and I wanted to share those pictures with you all. So, without further ado...here's my Day in the Life - Father's Day Edition - taken at the always fun NFL Football Hall of Fame in Canton Ohio:

Sure, bebe's a peanut, but when a 6 year old can fit in the bust of a man's thigh...you know football players are B.I.G.

   playing around with Daddy...

 any trip that involves jewelry - even rings bigger than your wrist - is a good trip!

...and it goes without saying that this Daddy's girl was not ready for the day to end!

 Click on for links to the blog circle; as you regular readers know, I joined a circle of mom-tographers this winter. We photo-document our lives on the 4th of every month and then post the pictures on the 24th. This is a really talented group, so click on to the first stop on the tour: CG Dickson's blog...and come back next month for more Days in the Life!