Tuesday, June 3, 2014

My Writing Process

First, thank you to Jennifer Lowery for including me in this huge blog tour. This was started by Laurel O'Donnell several weeks ago and it's all about writing - why we write what we do, how we write...you know, the nitty gritty details of a writer's life. Here we go!

1)        What am I working on?

I just turned in revisions on my third Rocker romance, which will be out with Harlequin-E later this year. Book 1 just released this week and I'm super-excited about it! I also just turned in my first SuperRomance to my editor at Harlequin so I'm busy chewing all my fingernails and trying to avoid chocolate! I have a secret project that I'll start on later this week - and I can't wait to tell you guys about it but I can't just yet...and I have two proposals due to my editor in just a few weeks. Oh, and school is about to dismiss for the summer which means bebe will be home...So I'm a busy girl!

2)       How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Hard question! I think my writing has heart (which most romances do!), but I have a little irreverence and sass, too. Plus I'm a pop culture nut so there are a lot of references that I hope make my readers giggle as they're reading!

3)      Why do I write what I do?

I love contemporary romance. Absolutely love. I read across all genres (in and out of romance), but I always come back to the contemporaries. I like the variety, I like that the stories are fresh and compelling and I love that love conquers all.

4)       How does your writing process work?

I call myself a pant-lotter...because I used to pants and never finished anything. But if I completely plot out a book I also never finish. So I go with a loose outline that changes as the book develops...which makes both pantsers and plotters crazy. But it works for me!

Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoy the rest of the tour - some time next week, author MK Chester will post her writing process blog. Here is a little more about MK:

MK Chester  has been writing for as long as she can remember, hot on the heels of a genius sibling. Reading and writing have provided numerous adventures, great escapes, and an unending outlet for creativity over the years.  Simply put, writing is her best friend. The muse may hide, but never abandons her.

When not writing, MK enjoys sports and loves to travel. Most of her time is spent with family, friends and three fun-loving dogs--two nutty Scottish Terriers named Stewie and Angus, and a sweet Golden/Chow named Girl.