Thursday, August 14, 2014

3 On Thursday: Summer Must-Haves!

Okay, so I know it's August and summer is drawing to a close. But I'm holding on to these last rays of sunshine with a vengence this year. I'm still scarred from the very long winter we had on the NorthCoast, the shortened summer (because bebe was in school through the middle of June) and the absolutely beautiful weather we've had for the past month. Holding. On. Seriously! So, without further ado, here are my three summer must-haves (and, yes, I'll be wearing them/carrying them around until the first snowflakes fall):

First, Nike Comfort Bed flip-flops. I love them because the bottom is similar to a tennis shoe (although much lighter) so you can actually walk and not worry about a sharp object impaling you if you step on it. Also, the color selection. This year mine are black and hot-pink. In years past I've chosen brown/peach, electric blue/yellow...depends on my mood. There is a pair at the mall now that is a white/coral/electric blue combo. I'm thinking about buying early for next summer!

Second, Jordan Essentials lotion bar. It's perfect for cracked/chapped heels and hands. I buy vanilla because I don't like heavy scents in the summer time. I rub the bar over my heels/hands whenever they feel a bit rough and - poof! - all better!

Third, a great scented candle. I picked up a couple of red velvet cake and jelly bean scented candles at Yankee Candle in April. They're all burned down practically to the bottom. Which is good, because I'll do a winter stock-up in a couple weeks. I burn candles year round, but in the summer the scents have to be light and airy. These were perfect!

Okay, your turn: what are a couple of your summer must-haves?

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