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 *squeee* T-minus-26 days and counting until my second Rocker book, Start Me Up, hits virtual shelves! Verra excited!!

Start Me Up is Chase's story, and it will be part of the Harlequin E Contemporary Box Set: Volume 3; it releases September 1, 2014. The box also includes books from Rebecca Avery, Amy Jo Cousins and Sarina Bowen!

Here's a little peek inside the pages:

"I can't lie to your family."
"We are lying to the entire world, with or without dinner." It was a reminder to himself as much as to her.
The lights dimmed again, cutting off further conversation. But not before he saw the flash of hurt in Nina's eyes.
Nate took the stage, welcoming the audience and introducing the first performers, a brother-sister duo competing on the reality show Star Power, which Nate and Chase's sister, Lily, starred on.
"I'm hoping to sign them after the season," Chase whispered in Nina's ear. "I'm sorry about that lying to the world thing. I didn't mean it. Nate kind of caught me off guard." Not her apparent attraction to his friend. Definitely not that.
"I didn't think about the family thing, either. This is a little more complicated that I imagined," she said. Nina took his hand in the dark, cementing the connection between them. Her touch was soft. Soothing. A juxtaposition because the inch of space separating their thighs was a shooting gallery of heat. And then it was only the two of them. No residual doubt at her reaction to Nate. Nothing but Nina's hand against his.
The couple on stage went into the chorus, singing about hurt. Chase joined in the applause as they left the stage a moment later. A flash of deep purple caught his attention and he saw Jillian from the corner of his eye. She offered him a finger wave and, unsurprisingly, Chase didn't feel a thing.
It was Nina who held his attention throughout the show. Nina who he wanted to dance with.
Two dates and a single kiss and the woman had his blood at the boiling point.

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...and now for the giveaway which will run through the end of August - I came home from the RWA conference with books and more books...and a few duplicates (seriously have no clue how that happened!), so comment below, telling me what you love about rock stars, for a chance to win 1 of 2 packs of books: 1 pack will be Nora Roberts (shadow spell and the collector), 1 pack will be Sylvia Day (spellbound and bared to you). And keep coming back, there are more books to be given away over the next few weeks.


  1. This sounds really good! I need to read the first one! Oh, Kristina, what have you done? Now I'm going to be on pins and needles waiting for book three to come out!

  2. hehehe - that's my diabolical plan, Sia! Thanks for coming by!


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