A Friday Teaser from Start Me Up!

I am still drooling over this cover, y'all, and I've seen it (regularly) for at least 2 months. I love it so hard - it' a great representation of Chase and it's sexy (like the book) and I love Nina's hands...it's just ... gah! So glad I get to finally share Start Me Up with all of you!

And for little while, you get to pick up Start Me Up as part of the Harlequin E Contemporary Box Set: Volume 3, along with 3 other fab books by authors Amy Jo Cousins, Rebecca M. Avery and Sarina Bowen. I've read all the books and they are great...so get your copy!

Still need a push? Here's a little taste of Chase and Nina from Start Me Up, in which Nina is finding it harder and harder to resist Chase's charms...

"People are twisted."
He'd told her stories about their first tour, before Anthem's first big song hit the Billboard charts, and he'd listened when she told him about interning with Molly and the crazy pre-first-date mixers they'd planned before Molly got sick. They didn't talk about The Plan or the photographers outside. Didn't talk about the gala coming up or what his end game was.
Tomorrow she would care about the end game. For now she wanted to enjoy more of his stories. To be fascinated by the little flashes of light that lit up the interior of the limo as they passed under streetlights on the way to her condo in the Hollywood Hills.
He leaned a little closer. "So this was fun," he said.
The most fun she'd had since…she couldn't remember. As into the relationship with Realtor Randy as she had been, fun wasn't part of it. Loneliness. Angst. Worry. Those had all been part of it because deep down, she'd known something was missing. The chemistry was there. The shared interests. But she always suspected there was a part of him she couldn't reach.
Turned out that part had been his ambition. Only her father had reached that.
But this wasn't the time to pick at that old scar.
Nina turned her head and realized her mouth was mere inches from Chase's. That she could feel the heat from his body against her own. She could smell him, woodsy but fresh. His eyes were nearly black in the darkness.
"A lot of fun," she finally said.
The limo slowed to a stop but Nina didn't reach for the door handle and neither did Chase. For a long moment she could only stare into his eyes. Wonder what he was thinking. Did he want to kiss her? She wanted to kiss him. To feel his lips against hers. Feel his hands on her shoulders again. Feel the tremble in her tummy. It would be good. Better than good.
The overhead light came on, nearly blinding her. The driver held open her door and Nina straightened. So not the time for thinking like this.
Buy Links for Start Me Up: Amazon     Barnes & Noble    iBooks

and, in case you missed Light My Fire, here are the buy links to book 1 in the trilogy:

Buy Links for Light My Fire: Amazon     Barnes & Noble    iBooks


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