Wrapping It Up

At the end of each summer RadioMan, bebe, my MIL and I head to Cedar Point to get in the last full day of shows. There is the ice show and Snoopy Sing-a-longs, the All Wheels Extreme (which is amazeballs) and Rockin' The Point (singing and dancing by kids who have rhythm and aren't tone deaf) saying their goodbyes for the summer.

At this time of year - before schools are back in session - The Point is packed. A picture we took that day popped up on my screen saver this morning and it was like I was right back there: If you've never been to Cedar Point this frame of reference will do nothing for you...if you have, you know what I'm talking about. The main parking lot? Packed to the gills. Cars also parked on the sides (a couple I thought might wind up in Lake Erie, that's how close they were to the rocks), back parking lot to Soak City also packed. There was a line to use the rest rooms. There's never a line for rest rooms. Even the family rest room - that never happens. But it was a beautiful day with a light breeze and so the cranky didn't set in. Even when I saw teenagers exiting said family rest room.

Back to the point: The last shows for All Wheels and Rockin' the Point - possibly the best all season. The kids were smiling and laughing with each other. Every now and then one of the girls (singing show, not All Wheels) got a wistful expression on her face. Like she didn't really want the summer, the show, her new friendships to end.

That's the way I'm feeling right now. I'm wrapping up revisions to the current manuscript, which will be sent in to my editor by the end of the week. I'm feeling a little wistful. I don't want to write the last three chapters because I don't want my characters to leave me and go on with their lives (yes, I imagine my characters living their stories after I'm done writing. Please don't think I'm completely zonkers). I want to keep the fire of first love alight in them. I want to keep experiencing their story, and once I write The End the experience will change. I'll know what happens. I'll know they reached their happily ever after.

Truthfully I want them to reach their HEA. I'm just not quite ready to let these characters go...


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