Thursday, March 26, 2015

#3OnThursday ~ All About Spring

The calendar flipped over the spring last week (yay!), but it doesn't really look like spring here...yet. It's still barely above freezing most days, the lake is still frozen over in places and the wind is...brisk. But the sun is coming up earlier and earlier and there are moments in each afternoon when it is so bright and that I spring is coming. And then summer.

I took this picture last spring, on a walk with some good friends at a nature preserve near our house. We saw daffodils and a lot of tulips and whatever kind of tree is in this picture.

Today none of the flowers are blooming, but there is a warmish breeze blowing and there is the promise of today my 3 on Thursday post is all about spring. Here we go, my three favorite things about spring.

3. The nights are still chilly. I know, I just lamented about cold temperatures and winter. I'm over the super-cold, below-zero temps, I swear. But I do like a little bit to the air. For me that bite has a smell, it's sharp like the perfect cheddar. I smell it in the fall, too, before the first snows fall, but in spring it is just a bit sharper.

2. The feel of warm sunlight through the windows. There are moments when I just stand in the sunlight and bask, along with Hazel the Pup and Angel the Dog. Its the promise that things are changing and will continue to change, a reminder that I'm not always in control and that it okay.

1. The color. I'm not sure about where you live, but here in the winter it is very stark - grey when there is no snow on the ground and brilliantly white when there is. When we drive along the lakeshore there is a vast tundra of white and grey jumbled together and its pretty. But once spring comes, the grass turns green, the tulips bloom and it seems as if all of that starkness softens into every color you could imagine.

What do you love about spring? And what does spring look like where you live?