#TeaserTuesday: Mr. Right Now & A Giveaway

Hiya, gang! My box-set buddies and I are getting ready for release day! Shades of Desire releases to the wild in June, and you can pre-order now...as part of our celebration, we're giving away a Kindle Fire HD  ~ all the details are here.

I thought I'd share a little teaser from my bundled book, Mr. Right Now:

His chest was tanned and strong, giving her the impression that he worked outside, shirtless. A lot. Construction, maybe? God have mercy on the women in his neighborhood. A light layer of hair trailed in a V from his pecs to disappear in a point below the waistband of his jeans. Like a treasure map. She chuckled.
      “I was just thinking how many times a pirate and his lady may have done this on the deck of a ship in the middle of the Caribbean.”
      “You are an odd woman.”
      She watched him from under her lashes for a moment. “And you’re a little bit of a pirate. Kissing me in the elevator. Seducing me away from my room.”
      His stomach muscles bunched as she raked her fingernails over his heated skin.
“Personally, I’ve always thought of myself as a privateer,” he said and easily flipped her onto her back and pressing his thigh between hers. He waggled his eyebrows.
       “Privateer. Pirate. As long as you don’t talk about my booty, we’ll be fine.”

Pre-order today for only $.99!
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