Tuesday, December 15, 2015

New Planner Love

Hey, readers! So, a couple of months ago I posted about my new planner and I promised an update. Well, today is that day! Here are the details of my planner: it's the MAMBI 'Happy Planner' with the 'Every Day Is A Gift' cover...and it's ARC-bound, which means the pages are fully adjustable but still *almost* as secure as if they were spiral-bound.

And now, for the update!

So, when I was first organizing the planner I set it up to have folders at the front, between the months of December 2015/January 2016 and at the end for 2017 planning. I still love the folder options! But I've found that the vertical layout is even better than I imagined! You can see the layout in the first picture above - it's divided into Morning, Afternoon and Evening sections (these pics show my first attempt at Washi-taping over the dividers...I'm better now!). On weeks that we are just slammed with stuff going on, I leave those printed dividers as they are because at a glance it's easy to see what is next. But, on weeks we're less busy, I Washi them and divide my days into different work projects - like editing in the morning or finishing non-fiction projects in the afternoons or what have you.

The week I'm showing you was (obviously) trick-or-treat week...and I went a little sticker crazy.
Hey, it happens!

Another area I like even more than I thought I would is the left 'sidebar'. It's an open area of lines where I can write To Dos or big events...but more often than not, I use that section to make big weekly goals - what I want to write that week, what I want to read, my exercise goals and a quote or prayer or saying that is motivational/inspirational.

In October, I chose 'beauty' as my word of the month, and because I didn't have anything massively outstanding during Trick or Treat week, I used the left space for a quote that I really like. The picture right is another week, where I have that left space broken down into reading, writing, etc.

All in all, I love this new planner. I feel like I've 'found' time because I'm actually planning my work week, along with RadioMan's and bebe's activies and our family stuff. I can't wait to see what I accomplish using this for a whole year as opposed to the two-ish months I've used it in 2015.

Oh, and I've also spent a small fortune at Staples and Target for Washi tapes, stickers, pens and...yanno, other *necessary* planner stuffs.