Kristina's Word for 2016

It really doesn't feel like it should be January 6th already, and it especially doesn't feel like it should be 2016, but I've consulted three calendars (2 digital, 1 paper) and it seems that it is, in fact, January 6, 2016. Which means I really need to get my head wrapped around 2016 and my goals for the year.

Which brings me to my word for the year. Which takes me back to this time last year when I shared my word for 2015: That word was ENJOY, and here's a little about why I liked it:

"...taking the time to really be in the moment - when you know you should be folding laundry but instead you're caught up in something bigger. Like reading a book with your kid ..."

What kinds of things did I enjoy in 2015? We took a family cruise (in-laws, siblings, us) and it was amazing, I saw 2 of my first Harlequin Superromances hit store shelves, bebe finally caught up in Math and continued to excel at reading/writing. I sat on the back deck and watched her swim with friends, we taught Hazel to fetch...and swim, too. I watched about 12 inches of snow fall through the winter months and enjoyed every single over-80 degree day. And the list goes on.

My word for 2016 is a little different: FOCUS.

Why focus? Because even with those little memories made from the word enjoy, there were bits of time when I was stressed out because I kept thinking, whilewatching the kid swim or playing on the cruise, that I was falling behind on work stuff.

This year I've got 6 book releases already on the calendar (a mixture of traditional and indie-published stuff), and I'm waiting to hear on a new project with another publisher. We have a cruise coming up this spring, I'm planning on attending the RWA conference in San Diego and at least 1 other reader-focused conference. bebe's planning on joining the swim team this's going to be a busy year. Without a lot of FOCUS, I won't be able to ENJOY all those little moments - like the first 85 degree day in the pool or the 8th snow day of the winter session or a day playing hookey with RadioMan at the movies.

So, I'm setting daily/weekly wordcount goals so that I can really focus in those that I can still enjoy taking the time off.


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