Thursday, February 4, 2016

More Books from Kristina!

...And I've got more books news!

I am going to be writing more books for the Harlequin SuperRomance line! I have a brand new series - set in a small, lakeside town in Missouri - that I think will start sometime late in 2016. The town is called Slippery Rock, and the books - 4 of them so far! - will center around 4 football players who have been the stars of the town forever...Here's the blurb from Publisher's Marketplace: 

"Women's/Romance: Kristina Knight's SLIPPERY ROCK series, following four former high school football stars as they navigate new arrivals and the love and the secrets they bring to their sleepy, beloved hometown, to Ann Leslie Tuttle at Harlequin SuperRomance, in a four-book deal, by MacKenzie Fraser-Bub at Fraser-Bub Literary."

I'm really excited about this new series, and I can't wait to dive in to the characters and town. I'll share more news about this series as soon as I'm able.