Thursday, March 3, 2016

#RustCity16 Here I Come!

Hi, everyone! One of my writer goals for 2016 is to meet more of you, and guess what? I'm coming to a reader convention right here in the midwest in the fall! Rust City Book Con is a brand new convention for readers, but some great authors are going to be there - Lauren Dane, Lorelai Brown, Cindy Spencer Pape, to name but a few.

The convention is August 12 through 14 in Troy, Michigan (that's basically Detroit), and there will be parties and raffles, meals, meet-and-greets and (of course!) a book signing! I'm really excited to get to go, and I'm a little nervous, too, because I'm kind of a hermit most of the come see me (and a whole bunch of other authors!) in August, okay? I can't wait to meet you all!!