Kristina's Word for 2017

Here we are at another January...and I can't quite believe it. It seems like we were just kicking off 2016, doesn't it? The calendar definitely says January and 2017, though, so that means it's time to come up with another plan for another year, and another word to bring it all together.

I know this will shock some of you, but I gave up on making a list of resolutions a few years back. It was just too much, and kind of demoralizing to realize that within a week or so all those great plans were up in smoke...Also, I like the idea that we can start a new passion/goal/interest at any time...not just in January.

I adopted the Word For The Year plan, in which I pick a word that I want to focus on in my home and work and personal life, a couple of years ago. Last year, that word was Focus, and I think I did a pretty good job of staying know, for the most part. I've also chosen words like Enjoy or Think in the past.

Those words were more geared toward my family/personal life, and this year I wanted to choose a word that kind of hits for both work and play.

So I've chosen GROW, for several reasons.

First, I want to grow as a person. If the 2016 election season taught us anything it is that the art of tolerance is a dying art. I want to grow in my tolerance and understanding of others...I think the best way to do that is to step outside my comfort zone of friends and family by welcoming new people into our little world. I (and RadioMan and bebe) will be looking for ways to reach out to new people in the coming year.

And, I want to grow my writing career. I absolutely love being a hybrid author, and I love the stories that I'm writing, but I want to meet new readers. I want to grow my career to the next level...and I think I'm starting in a good place because, having just cried my way through the edit phase of the first book in my Slippery Rock quad (coming out later this year) and doing a little sniffling as I finish up the draft of book 3, my hope is that this series resonates with not only my current readers, but with readers who might pick up one of these books.
Read/Watch Challenge from RoniLoren

Also, I'm a fairly eclectic reader, but I've been in a kind of holding pattern with reading for a couple of years, and I want to delve into some new types of stories (if anyone has suggestions, leave me a comment!). To that end, I'm doing a read/watch challenge with author Roni Loren - she's chosen a theme for each month of the year, and the challenge is to read a book and watch a movie that fits with that theme in some way. I'm a little intimidated already with some of the themes, but I'm excited to stretch my reader wings a little with it. I've added a page to my planner with the monthly themes, and I'll list the books/movies that I watch as the year goes on...along with my thoughts on each.

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