The Best of 2017 ~ @AuthorKristina Knight

It's time for another best of list...these are a few of my favorite movies/songs/TV shows/books. Chosen not because they hit a best sellers list or made a bajillion dollars on opening weekend...but because I've found myself thinking of them - often - even after finishing the book or movie or TV show or...fill in the blank.

Favorite Song: I'm taking a little license with this one because I first heard it just before Christmas last year, but since it didn't officially release until March of this year, I feel like it can be a 2017 song. It's Maren Morris, I Could Use a Love Song. I adore Maren's singing voice, I think her writing skills are amazing, and the hook of this one is so true - even for those of us not in the middle of a break up. Because who couldn't use a love song?

Favorite TV Show: Y'all know my adoration of all things Big Bang Theory (and that adoration hasn't waned) but we cut the cable cord this year, which threw me into streaming and Netflix/HBO/Hulu-first viewing. I loved Big Little Lies, and I finally watched all of Sex in the City, but the show that really grabbed me was Ozark. Maybe because I'm from that area, but I thought the writing of the show was very true to the area, the family dynamics were hair-raising, and it renewed my teenage crush on Jason Batemen. Who doesn't need a little teen-crush-revisiting thing now and then?

Favorite Movie: Can it be anything other than Wonder Woman? I've been a fan of Gal Gadot for a long time, and I loved everything about the movie - every aspect of it. It was (and is) everything.

Favorite Book: Okay, I'm fudging this one because there were two books that keep me coming back to them throughout the year. The first is a romance (could it be anything but?), but it's not La Nora (and y'all know how I love my NORA!)! It's Sarah MacLean's Day of the Duchess -- what I loved about this book was how Sarah turned a trope (alpha male) upside down and made the man go chasing after an alpha woman who wants nothing to do with him. We don't see enough of that in romance, and especially in historical romance. If you haven't picked up Sarah's book, definitely give it a try. The second book is a memoir, Nina Riggs' Bright Hour; it's a memoir of her fight against breast cancer, but it's also a book about the importance of the small moments in our lives, the ones we don't always notice. It's both uplifting and heartbreaking, filled with laughter and tears. It's a life-changer, and if you haven't read it, you need to pick it up.

Those are a few of my favorite things from 2017. What are your favorites? 


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